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We Were Promised Honey!

A hopeful, hopeless prophecy for earth and humankind performed by YESYESNONO

'The show that we're about to do is a story of the future. The story we're going to tell is the story of us. I'm going to tell you this now: it doesn't have a happy end.'

Critically acllaimed company YESYESNONO brings an act of communal storytelling. A hopeful, hopeless prophecy for earth and humankind. A story of us, our future, of paradise and how we get there in the end.

A lone performer tells the story of the future of the audience; what's going to happen to them in the decades, centuries, millenia after the end of this show. It's the story of a baby born in a lighthouse, of someone on fire in the middle of the desert, of two lovers reunited in a flooded city, of a spaceship on the edge of a black hole. Everything has already been decided. This is the story of the end.

Warning: the show includes scenes with flashing lights

In de media
"It’s an apocalyptic, strange hour of theatre that makes you feel grateful to be alive, grateful to be part of a communal gathering of people." - THE FINANCIAL TIMES ★★★★★

"A truly captivating presence, Ward oscillates between a best friend, an executive life coach, and a preacher." - THE SCOTSMAN ★★★★★

"Ward creates a sense of joyful collective enterprise, his lyrical script gently prodding us to take ownership of the choices we make and, perhaps, accept some responsibility for our future." - THE GUARDIAN ★★★★

"YESYESNONO have produced another work of theatrical magic." - BRITISHTHEATRE.COM ★★★★★

Winners of the Total Theatre Award for Emerging Artist 2017, YESYESNONO is concerned with exploring the potential of theatre as a democratic space and exploring what that space might look like.

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