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Tony Woods

De succesvolle stand-up comedian verzorgt zijn eigen show

Onderstaande tekst is in het Engels omdat de show in het Engels is.

What a man; Tony Woods! Comedy writer and stand-up comedian known for being a mentor to Dave Chappelle and many others.

Tony Woods (USA) is a comedian and writer and has already appeared in The Apollo Comedy Hour, The Bad Boys of Comedy and BET's Comic View. He also had his own comedy special at Comedy Central and has appeared on the legendary Def Comedy Jam three times. He is not only doing well in the United States, he has also proven himself beyond national borders. He performs all over the world.

When Dave Chappelle won the Mark Twain Prize, Woods was the first person he thanked. Woods says he doesn't have a formula. He frequently will not write down his jokes for his performances. His play is laid-back, "meditative style."

Woods, born in New York en moved to Washington D.C. when he was 10 years old, did his first stand-up at the Comedy Cafe in Washington D.C. when he was 23 years old. Much of his earliest comedy work was on international stages, touring Europe and the Middle East.

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