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Talking Heads

Twee komedie/drama's in een double bill van de geliefde schrijver Alan Bennett

These two comedy dramas toured the Netherlands in June 2018 to great acclaim from press and public. Though tinged with sadness, both provide their fair share of laughs, from Susan’s drunken attempts at flower arranging to gay, Graham’s hilarious encounter with the local vicar. The Talking Heads series deals with themes such as loneliness, addiction, mental illness, sexuality and diversity.

A Chip in the Sugar - by Alan Bennett, starring Mark Winstanley. Closet-case Graham lives with his ageing, widowed mother. His humdrum existence is suddenly jeopardised when her old flame appears on the scene.

Bed Among the Lentils - by Alan Bennett, starring Loveday Smith. Vicar’s wife Susan is an atheist; and an alcoholic, who turns to a young and beautiful Indian shopkeeper for salvation.

Talking Heads recently was filmed by the BBC during lockdown and aired in June 2020. They starred Martin Freeman (The Office, The Hobbit and Sherlock) and Lesley Manville (Oscar -nominated for Phantom thread. They are currently playing London’s West End, so this is a unique opportunity to see them live in Amsterdam.

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