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I Never Wanna Dance Again

Choreographer Eilit Marom employs cultural references playfully

I Never Wanna Dance Again presents a collective journey of fragmented yet reflective and humorous take on the inheritance of human imperfection. It tests the limits of expression through the act of singing along to the songs we can’t resist, and aims to unfold the paradoxical judicious balance between perfection and imperfection. The work is developed with a hybrid group of participants; trained performers and performers from the local community, creating a multi-perspectives performance on the theme.

Materialized, performed or expressed otherwise, imperfections reveal the performer's authentic self. They are tokens of the unexpected, functioning sometimes as an act of resistance. Inspired by the cracks, Marom employs cultural references playfully and fiddle with the binary expectations of perfect and imperfect.

About Eilit Marom
Eilit Marom (1986, Haifa) is a choreographer and visual artist based in the Netherlands and Israel. Her performances bring performers and public in direct contact with their embodied natural knowledge, linking the bodily expression with universal experiences that speak of trust, liberation and sociability.

She presented in venues such as Helmhaus Museum, Korzo Theater and Unfair Amsterdam. A recipient of the ‘Artist in Community’ grant from the Israeli Ministry of Culture and a member of Helicopter artists initiative in the Hague. In recent years she started collecting actions and interactions that offer a mindful moment of embodiment. She calls them Unforbidden Pleasures, they are simple tasks that evoke experiences of pleasure, focusing on engaging one with their senses, with other people and their environment. They become choreographic tasks in her performances and the public, her companion. Eilit regularly teaches and guides groups, making her approach and embodied practice available to others.

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